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Interchange Noise Works

"On Air"

"On Air"

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The “On Air” is a highly adjustable 2-in-1 fuzz and boost pedal.  It is lovingly named after the ‘fuzz-like’ radio static that occurs between stations on your radio and is loved by guitar and bass players alike.  

The "On Air" was our first pedal to market and it gets its roots from the well-known Bazz Fuss and Electra Distortion circuits. 


- 9-18 volt power input

- Independent treble and bass knobs for a wide array of tone-shaping abilities

- Independent foot switches that activate the fuzz and boost circuits individually or in unison

- A gain sweep knob that allows for lower breakup that dips into classic distortion sounds (static knob)

- A fuzz volume knob (signal)

- A boost volume knob (volume)

- A bias toggle (AM/FM switch)

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RoHS Compliance

Interchange Noise Works uses lead free solder and sources RoHS compliant parts from suppliers to guarantee the health and safety of our musicians!

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