About Us

Interchange Noise Works was incorporated in 2020 and is a music equipment manufacturer that hand builds guitar pedals in Nashville, Tennessee.  In addition to guitar pedals, we offer a wide collection of other music related equipment and content!


  • Pedal Builders

    We are Nashville based designers and manufacturers of boutique effects pedals. All of our pedals are handbuilt in house and given the time, love, and affection that your gear deserves.

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  • Curators

    We have had the pleasure of working alongside some really impressive brands. INW has made a point of collaborating with some of these companies to support small business and bring you co-branded products that we use ourselves!

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  • Content Creators

    One of our favorite functions as a company is getting to work with artists directly! We have collaborated with our friends Ecstatic Sound Studios to host Interchange Live Sessions which features live sets and interviews with up and coming artists.

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It started with a dream.

As a Sophomore in high school, Founder and CEO Jared Johnson began what is now Interchange Noise Works. What started with the goal of developing a working pedal that could be used by him and his musician friends has grown into a brand that is influencing the way that musicians create across the globe.

The History of INW


- INW launches the artist program in February and begins working with up and coming bands.

- The Streamline Series debuts in August and models I, II, and III are introduced.


- The "On Air" V2 releases in February.

- Pandemic hits, JJ moves off campus and brings operations back in house.

- JJ and Brandon develop the Element 119 and release it in May.

- Power Pedals rebrands and incorporates as Interchange Noise Works in September.

- Cool Guitar Shop becomes Power Pedals first dealer.


- Power Pedals dissolves as JJ leaves for college.

- Josh Scott features the four-knob "On Air" on the JHS Show later that year and JJ reaches out to Brandon about producing pedals again.


- The Stage Lamp is discontinued.

- Power Pedals begins producing "On Air" models for local friends and musicians.

- Power Pedals opens up a custom shop and offers mods and tap tempos.


- JJ connects with pedal builder Brandon Schock over Instagram.

- Brandon develops the prototype for the original four-knob "On Air" and helps JJ troubleshoot building out his first audio circuits.


- JJ launches Power Pedals in July of 2016 with a loan of $500 and a room in his parent's basement.

- The Stage Lamp is developed and sold as Power Pedal's first product.