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The No. 3 is the third edition to our Streamline Series which seeks to deliver quality, hand-built, one-knob pedals at an affordable price point.

No. 3 really embodies the classic high-gain and mid-pushing spirit of 80s and 90s distortion pedals!  The components in this pedal were chosen by ear to provide you with mid-hitting sustained grit that doesn’t muddy up the notes.


- 9-18 volt power input

- Independent treble and bass knobs for a wide array of tone-shaping abilities

- Independent foot switches that activate the fuzz and boost circuits individually or in unison

- A gain sweep knob that allows for lower breakup that dips into classic distortion sounds (static knob)

- A fuzz volume knob (signal)

- A boost volume knob (volume)

- A bias toggle (AM/FM switch)

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RoHS Compliance

Interchange Noise Works uses lead free solder and sources RoHS compliant parts from suppliers to guarantee the health and safety of our musicians!

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